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Climbing training in Briancon, France.
Climbing coaching on summer camp Ailefroide, France.

For who

For all those who are somehow stuck on the same level and not progressing. For everyone who wants to improve climbing technique, learn something new, set higher goals and challenges, and improve their level of climbing psychologically. Climbing training is intended for all, beginners and those who have been climbing for 30 years and young perspective competitors.


All prices are for one-person individual training.

1-day - 200€

3-days - 500€

5-days - 800€

7-days - 950€

Bouldering by the river in Otztal.

Ötztal, Austria


Climbing in Ötztal valley

Climbing in Ötztal is very different, in which you can learn some technical climbing on slabs, overhanging, and crack climbing. The valley is quite high, so it's the perfect summer destination for climbing and spending your active holidays.

Climbing crags are spread out through the long valley on both sides and give you shady and sunny sectors; some sectors like Niederthai are hidden in the woods, which you climb in the shade and has a nice view of the valley and village Langenfeld.

Ötztal is a summer destination for rock climbing and a destination for winter skiing and ice climbing.

Climbing on granite rock , hidden in the woods.
We were climbing in hidden sectors of Otztal.
Skiin in Tyrolean Alps is one of the best skiing pistas.
SKiing in Tyrolean Alps with lots of snow in wintertime.

Ötztal is a summer destination for rock climbing and a destination for winter skiing and ice climbing. You can also climb the 2nd highest Austrian mountain Wildspitze (3.772m).

In Ötztal, you can do other activities like rafting, canyoning, kayaking, swimming in the lake and rivers, and visiting beautiful waterfalls and via ferratas. 


You can join us for only one day or up to 10 days.


5 climbers (2 minimum)

For who?

Climbing for young and adults with confidence leading from 6a, for everyone who wants to climb a lot and push themselves to a higher level. Get more confidence and improve their climbing, for those who want to have fun and learn something new from the best coaches.

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Included in the price:

We provide climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment, ropes and quickdraws, and lots of fun. When you book a whole week, one day of professional photo shooting (worth 130€) is in the price.



All prices are for one-person individual training.

1-day - 200€

3-days - 500€

5-days - 800€

7-days - 950€

Not in the price:

Your own transport to Ötztal, food, accommodation, and your insurance. For accommodation, we can help to arrange to find you a good and cozy place to stay.

What do you need to bring?

Harness, climbing and approach shoes, warm and light clothes, helmet, chalk bag and chalk ☺, belay device, sun crème, headlamp, and great mood. You need also to have your own insurance, we recommend doing it before at home.


Day 1:You will arrive at a destination where you settle down. We have a brief program scheduled in the afternoon and discuss your wishes and goals for the climbing coaching.

Day 2: The first day of climbing is getting used to the rock, climbing and double-checking, learning safety knots, and checking the correct belying technique. You will climb easier routes, work on good foot technique, and search for better clipping positions.

Day 3: Following day, you are learning the proper approach to on-sight attempt for a moderate and higher-level route and learning how to read the rock and climb it, where to find good positions to clip or rest, how to climb committed, and analyzing your process in the routes.

Day 4: You will climb red point routes at the level you desire to achieve. We will choose a challenging route to work. You are learning how to approach harder routes, step by step. Then put the moves together, then sequences together, and try to climb as much as possible in a single push. You are learning how to visualize the red point route, which is part of mental coaching. In climbing, falling is part of the game, and learning how to do that is a learning process for gaining better performance.

Day 5: Rest day is part of the climbing training. Not obligatory, but we recommend doing stretching, yoga, or swimming in a lake. Muscules relaxation will give you more blood circulation. The body will recover from stress better, and your mind will restart for the next coaching day. In the evening, we have a presentation of mental training and discuss your goals and problems and find solutions.

Day 6: Climbing on overhanging routes with mostly on sight attempts. Working on the process from mental training and technique coaching and trying hard in the attempts in the routes and learning to give 100%, repeating the routes if necessary to learn more fluent climbing.

Day 7: One day is returning to your red point project to test your head and power. We are learning how to mentally prepare for sending the project and the proper mindset for this day. And also, not only is sending a reward, but the process should be the goal that motivates us. Learning to accept the fall is important because we need to find mistakes, learn from them, and see where we must work to become better climbers.

Day 8: The final day or more relaxed day for you will be climbing without pressure from us. You choose whatever you wish that day to climb. You must enjoy and try to climb as much as your head, muscles, and fingers let you. We can repeat your projects, foot and hand technique, mental coaching, falling practice, or hang out in climbing crag with no stress.