Drašnice Moments

Drašnice Moments is a movie about the best route in the world, 250 meters long ROCTRIP and has two pitches of 8c+ with crazy small holds and fun moves, one 8a with amazing one of a kind tufas and two easier pitches that complete the route with nice climbing to the top of the wall. Here you can see only climbing, for the full story you need to watch the full version on the festivals 🙂

First pitch of route Rocktrip in Drašnice

Klemen Bečan in first pitch in route Rocktrip in Drašnice wall on Dalmatia coast, Croatia, april 2018.

Klemen in Papichulo 9a+ (Oliana, Spain)

Great falling techinque, how to fly on joyful and relaxed way. In video Klemen describe himself on funny way and climbs in Papichulo 9a+, in Oliana, Spain.

Klemen climbing around Buzet in Croatia

Rock climbing in our neighborhood Istria in Croatia, some nice walls around Buzet and Roc with developing new sector HC, above Pandora climbing area.

Bala Bala!

The story tells about Klemen's achievments in developing and climbing the Osp cave, Slovenia, full of limestone tufas. With upgrade of all the rutes; Klemen bolted a 180 m long, multi-pitch route, which he graded around 8b(?).

Climbing holidays in Catalunya in Spain

A short video shows rock climbing holidays in Catalunya, in Spain and some beautiful nature from this area.

Foot climbing techique

Short video shows how to use your foot technique in rock climbing with different approach, basics. Do not learn this techinque on lead, not even without rope!

The World’s Best Belayer

Ray Verseau is recognized by many climbers as "the best belayer in the world". For him, belaying is more than a skill, it is a lifestyle. We had the chance to meet this master and listen to his passion for "The Art of the Belay."

Chris Sharma Mont-Rebei Project Ep. I

Klemen Bečan and Chris Sharma trying project in Mont rebei, in Spain,one of the hardest multi pitches in the World, epizode I.

Chris Sharma Mont-Rebei Project Ep. III

Klemen Bečan and Chirs Sharma trying project in Mont rebei, in Spain,one of the hardest multi pitches in the World, epizode III.

Climbing in Ceuse, France - Biographie 9a+

Klemen Bečan, Patxi Usobiaga and Luis Rodrigues Martin climbing in Ceuse, South of France. Video shows some part from Biographie 9a+ and other climbing.