Dolomiti Bellunesi area

It is not a secret climbing spot, not famous as Dolomiten rocks, but it has amazing rocks and mountains view. Belluno town is located a good hour drive from romantic port Venice. The beauty of Belluno's rocks has such a great climbing on a small area which won't disappoint you at all. Climbing on very solid limestone with amazing routes on steep and overhanging walls like Erto, Casso, and crags near Longarone village will give you lots of different climbing styles with the best quality in this region. It is a great destination to spend active holidays with family all year round. For those who like winter activities, near Belluno surroundings has enormous skiing pistes, such as the well-known Marmolada and Monte Civetta. During the winter season, Belluno has also ice climbing in the Sappada valley and Sottoguda.

climbing in Erto, near Longarone village.

Rock climbing style

The region Dolomiti Bellunesi climbing is quite hidden for sport routes, but it has beautiful rocks spread out by river Piave and mountains. Sectors are located in nice mountain valleys, next to alpine rivers and lakes, which give refreshing temperatures in the summertime. Most of the climbing sectors are next to Longarone village, and the Belluno climbing area has 29 crags with all difficulties and styles. There is climbing on easy greyish slabs, steep technical walls, overhanging walls on big holds and tufas, or just very technical climbing routes on steep routes with interesting moves on slopers and side pulls.

Walls are orientated in all directions, and the best climbing season is in springtime, Autumn, and summer. The most famous sectors are Erto, Casso, Tarzan wall, Podenzoi, Ceresera, and a very nice little crag by the river is Mae, a perfect climbing spot on hot days.

Town Belluno

Belluno is a little town located by the Piave river in the Veneto region of northern Italy. With South Tyrol and Trentino, it belongs to three Dolomite regions of Italy. Belluno is a historic city with beautiful buildings from Gothic and Renaissance times. Little streets invite tourists every year to visit this historical alpine town. It is a great destination for rest days to visit some museums and Belluno Cathedral. Belluno is another dream destination for climbers, hikers, bikers, and ski fanatics.


April, May, June, September 2022

You can join us for only one day or up to 10 days.


5 climbers (2 minimum)

For who?

Climbing for young and adults with confidence leading from 6a, for everyone who wants to climb a lot and push themselves to a higher level. Get more confidence and improve their climbing for those who want to have fun and learn something new from the best coaches.

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Included in the price:

World-class climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment, ropes and quickdraws, and lots of fun. When you book a full week, one day of professional photo shooting (worth 130€) is also included in the price.

Not in the price:

Your transport to Belluno, food, accommodation, and your insurance. For accommodation, we can help arrange to find you a good and cozy place to stay.

What do you need to bring?

Harness, climbing and approach shoes, warm and light clothes, helmet, chalk bag and chalk ☺, belay device, sun crème, headlamp, and great mood. It would be best if you also had your insurance; we recommend doing it before home.


Day 1: Getting to Belluno and settled there and start enjoying your climbing holidays. Discuss your goals for coaching week and the future.

Day 2: Having an easy start with lots of easy routes for warming up the body and getting used of the rock.

Day 3: Climbing on vertical routes. Concentrating more on on-sight climbing technique and mental training – discuss how to approach on-sight, visualization, preparation, analysis, learning where to clip, resting exercise, learn commitment, and reading the route.

Day 4: Climbing hard routesYou will learn how to climb more challenging routes with the redpoint approach step by step. You will know how to do visualization for the redpoint, which is part of mental coaching. The red point is not only climbing but also falling coachingIt is part of the game and learning process for gaining better performance in the working route, even when we are pumped to get that 100% out of our bodies.

Day 5: Rest day is part of training, so that we might take one as well. Not necessary for having a complete rest day; we might still do some running and yoga in the morning and swimming or easy climbing in the afternoon. It also depends on the group and their needs and wishes. One of the rest day activities is climbing without hands or using fewer hands, toprope of course. These skills are excellent for learning how to be efficient, improving climbing techniques for more challenging routes, and having fun.

Day 6: Climbing days for on-sight attempt with repetition if necessary. You will try to put the mental knowledge in the climbing and try hard.

Day 7: We will return to your redpoint project to test your head and power. You are learning how to mentally prepare for sending the projects and the proper mindset for this day. And also, not only is sending a reward, but the process should be the goal that motivates us.

Day 8: The final day or more relaxed day for you will be climbing without pressure from us. You choose whatever you wish that day to climb. You must enjoy and try to climb as much as your head and muscles let you. We can repeat your projects, foot and hand technique, mental coaching, falling practice, or hang out in climbing crags and have fun with no stress.

× Dear! I am aware of COVID-19 and the mess they make because of it. Don't worry, if any coaching trip will have to be canceled due to corona, we will move it to other date or location. If that will not be possible, your money we will refund 100%.