In our company, we offer climbing courses on all destinations. Ranging from first climbing on the rock, learning how to climb on a tope-rope, belaying, and essential rope-work. We will teach you to lead climbing with confidence, climb to the higher level of lead climbing and learn how to climb better as a family. We teach you to improve your mental skills, like getting you into falling training to minimize the fear step by step. On top of it, we teach you how to enjoy climbing on rocks no matter what.

In addition to the main climbing courses listed below:

Individual online/remote coaching

Frankenjura climbing day.

For those of you who have certain limitations and fears and want to get rid of them. For those of you who have questions about technique, and mental training plan.  If you like to have a consultation about anything about climbing, get some tips and all that with additional email support, we provide online/remote coaching whenever you want.

1 hour individual online coaching - 40€

3x1 hour individual online coaching - 100€

5x1 hour individual online coaching - 130€

7x1 hour individual online coaching - 150€

Rock Climbing Coaching

Understand the art of climbing

Rock climbing course in Frankenjura

Everybody needs to improve, and this is what we offer. Our climbing trips or individual training seminars are designed and expertly customized to make you a better climber, no matter your level of experience.

Course for beginners

Beginners course in Kyparrisi.

Climbing is for everyone. Our climbing coaching has space for every climber level, from complete beginners to advanced and up to pro. So don’t worry if you are new to this amazing sport.

Family climbing coaching course

The view on Vela Draga canyon, Istria.

We organize climbing coaching holidays for families. We choose climbing crags suitable for your kids or teenagersand besides that, we find other activities so that kids don’t get bored from our/yours obsessed climbing days.

2-day climbing course

Klemen Becan climbing coaching course.

The 2-day climbing course is special. It is for everyone curious and wants to try climbing but doesn’t know where to start.

Tufa climbing course

Climbing on new wall Lucisce, Hvar.

You will learn and train in twisting the hips, knees, shoulders and head, feet and legs, and in short, to rotate the body to climb efficiently.

Personalized coaching

tufa climbing technique course.

Personal climbing coaching includes climbing techniques, mental training, and endurance. Training in rock usually runs all day, and you can train from one up to 10 days with us at all our destinations in Europe.

Indoor climbing coaching

Improve your technique

The climbing gym is a perfect place to learn advanced techniques to train them in a controlled environment.
we can set boulder problem specifically to your needs, and you will learn to enjoy the art of climbing in a fun way.