Climbing for beginners

Start your climbing journey with us

Climbing is for everyone. In our coaching camps, we have space for every level of climbers, from complete beginners to advanced and all the way up to pro. So don't worry if you are new to this amazing sport. We will start from complete basics like tying a knot (on harness, not shoes, that I hope you already know or we will borrow you one with velcro), introducing climbing equipment, make you familiar with all the equipment and how to use it on a safe way.

Once you are safely tied in we will start climbing and slowly begin working on basic techniques. Depending on your abilities and progress we will be gradually adding more complicated things which will help you get to the top even easier. We will also teach you how to belay your partner, what to do in case of a fall while you are climbing, and who knows, maybe even lead climbing if you will feel comfortable enough.

Are you also afraid of heights? Don't worry, every human is and we are aware of that. This fear keeps us alive when we don't use all that fancy safety gear and anyways we newer climb without it. This means fear is not necessary anymore so we will learn to overcome and control it to be able to climb stress-free.

Rock Climbing Coaching

Understand the art of climbing

Everybody needs to improve and this is what we offer. Our climbing trips or individual training seminars are designed and expertly customized to make you a better climber, no matter your level of experience.

Become a better climber on climbing coaching trips full of adventure, improve your mental and technical climbing skills and take home not just amazing memories but also breathtaking photos.

Gym Climbing Coaching

Improve your weakness

The climbing gym is a perfect place to learn some advanced techniques where you can train them in a controlled environment.

Problems can be set specifically to your needs and learning can be made fun.