Start climbing at a higher level

You will learn new techniques to improve old ones.

If you want to climb your first 7a, 7b, 8a or 9a and decided you want to improve your climbing skills the best way is to call your next climbing trip a “Training camp”.

You can choose your destination or let me help pick one up for you, depending on what you need to improve. May it be overhangs of Rodellar, slabs in Prezid, tufas in Leonidio, vertical walls of Siurana or some crazy 3D climbing in the cave Osp or Kalymnos. All these amazing places and many more can be used for personal growth and can help you become a better climber.

In the Training camps, we will focus on the improvement of your climbing. Find your weakness and fix it. If necessary, we will also combine it with some days of indoor climbing where we will focus on small details, and the result is guaranteed. 9a is not as far as it looks!