My story sounds like this: I have endometriosis of the bowel and part of endometriosis and pressure on the ureter. When I got it, it's hard to say. But if I look back, probably since the beginning of my life or at least since I had my period. From the moment I had my first period, I have had a big menstrual pain every month. I am grateful for my diet and other things I do. I am almost without pain today, and because of the diet, I am feeling better. So, my teenage years were quite intense with athletic training; soon after that, I started climbing at 17 teens. My life has changed since I started to climb. Climbing became a life coach for me. If we go back to speak about my pains, I started taking anty-baby pills in my 20-ies and took them for 14 years.

After so many years of taking those drugs, I ask myself, is it worth it, and what about my health? What will happen if I stop taking them? Is it dangerous to take them their whole life? Are so many questions unanswered? So, I decided to quit taking them. And after some time, my pain began coming back and became my nightmare in my life. The miserable life started for me and for my family and surroundings. I felt fatigued, swelled, pain everywhere, a negative mood, and the pain became severe.

At that point, I was taking painkillers every time I had a period, which in the end didn't help any pill anymore, not even double or triple dosages. And after some time, I had enough, and I started to dig into my life and health. I started to search for solutions to my problems everywhere. Still, the doctors and other practitioners can't help on a long journey. Women with endometriosis are lost in the fog, and there are no answers to the cause, and treatment in the modern world is not the best option there. I met many women with the same diagnosis with different symptoms and conditions, and there are no women in the world who are satisfied with conventional medicine so far. When the doctors suggest that I take hormone pills. My question is, does that pill help stop the progression of the disease? Can I live normally without pain? The most important question was: is this pill safe? How long should I take them? So, I refused to take pills at my own risk. And I am so curious about this disease that I have never stopped searching for solutions in other ways.

After some time and the birth of my son Aron, my pain was mild at the beginning of the nursing period. When Aron was 4 months old, my pain came back as it was before, despite nursing for 3 years. At that period, I started with intermittent fasting and eating everything, including gluten, meat, eggs, etc. Fasting didn't help. The pain became more severe, and my life started to be miserable psychologically and physically. I became unreliable for work, mom's tasks, and being functional in the family. My life became a nightmare. I didn't want to suffer my whole life. In one moment, I want to despair from this world. That is how women feel with endometriosis, with pains and a miserable life that affects the whole family.

The time passed, and I had enough of everything. I said to myself that I would start over by helping myself. During that period, I met a girl who was a nutritionist. Together, we made the plan. That time, I started to eat completely differently. That was, for me, a complete change from what I had eaten before. The idea was to eat plant-based food, no processed food, less fats, no gluten, no eggs, no meat, no coffee, no dairy products, no seeds or nuts. That was for about two months, and then we slowly added some nuts and gluten. Well, it was better for a while, but the pain returned. The pain was diminished but still presented. It was 40% better than before from the beginning.

After some time, the pain returned. I was worried about my life and everything. I decided to visit the specialist for endometriosis, which I had been waiting for the appointment for half a year. On my appointment, she discovered that I had endometriosis everywhere, in the intestinal tract, kidneys, and bowel, and she suggested the operation. But she was concerned about my kidney. On ultrasound, she saw that the kidney was smaller and that the endometriosis was pushed on the ureter, so the kidney could not function as it could. So we waited another half year to see if my kidney could function again after the splint.

When I heard that my kidney was in danger, I became obsessed with answers and searching for solutions. If I asked doctors if the diet could help diminish the pain and stop the disease, the answers were negative all the time. And my problems are caused by genes or hormones. But I didn't trust them because so many people can help with other approaches and diets that I couldn't believe doctors' answers. So, after some time, I discovered books from Anthony William, an author of Medical Medium books. Since then, my life has changed completely. Again, I started to have a diet, but this time, I understand why and how. In the books, podcasts, and YouTube shows, I learned so many things that I can not imagine how viruses in our bodies affect, damage, and destroy our lives. Soon, I started doing medical medium protocols, and nothing was comparable to what I had done. I started drinking celery juice daily, lemon water, a heavy metal detox smoothie, a fat-free diet, 369 cleanse, no eggs and meat, no dairy products, consuming lots of vegetables and fruits, and more. My body and my mind have changed to 180 degrees. My energy rose to 150%, my pain is almost gone, and I can handle the day when it is the most critical period without painkillers. I have never felt so great. I am in the best shape in my life so far. And that is because I know how to eat and what to eat. I know that the food won't completely heal, but in that big achievement, I have never felt before.

This results in pain relief, less fear in my brain, and fewer head effects from climbing. In climbing, my endurance and power connect in the body; my body gains strength, and my mind control is better than ever. Now I understand that climbing is not only power, technique, and endurance; there is so much power in food, what we eat, and what we can achieve in strength and our heads, mostly in our minds. That was the biggest discovery for me in the last year. My progress was greater than I had been learning and practicing mental techniques from other climbers and climbing books. I am grateful for Anthony's and his spirit of compassion's information to heal and help us. Thank God for having Anthony on Erth. I understand and know that I will be operated on one point. Still, I know now that I can heal and recover faster with Medical-medium protocols. I learned we must take the whole process as conventional and alternative medicine, healthy diet, acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and other helping approaches.

Based on the concept and my experience, I will give you the best advice and approaches to improving your climbing and overall health. I don't expect that we will heal ourselves in one week, but I will tell you how to continue living with some guidance for your life, climbing, and health. So, are you ready for the next level of your life and climbing? I plan to have a perfect destination for this retreat, and it took me a while to find it because we need some supplies and things to do besides rock climbing. For the first time, we will be in Leonidio, Greece. So, please fasten your seat belts and get ready for a ride on my first climbing coaching program, CLIMB TO HEAL.