1st training weekend in Osp is over, but the lessons we learned will stay in our heads and hearts hopefully for a long time. We had a great time and I think we all improved a lot during this 3 days of climbing.

We started the weekend on Friday afternoon in Plus climbing Koper, in a bouldering gym where we were practicing to use our bodies for climbing more efficiently. Too many times on a wall we rely just on the power of our hands when we should use also other parts of the body. There are many cool boulders in a gym where you can see how much power you can save if you get yourself in the right position and get to the hard move less tired and with more power. No hand rests are also an important part of climbing technique so we did that as well.

Day 2 was happening in Osp, sector Babna. The main goal of the day was improving our on sight so we started with some no handed climbing techniques to warm up all our bodies. Yes, it is possible to climb handless using only balance on our feet. What you learn in easy routes it’s after possible to use also in the harder ones so we added also a bit of tactics and the good results already started to show since everyone improved their best on sight. In the evening in Hiša Robida was time for the theory. How to get ready for the onsight attempt, what to do and what not to while climbing and how we can squeeze more out of ourselves. We finished the evening with pizza and Drašnice Moments video.

Sunday or Redpointday was happening again in Babna, Osp. There are many cool routes there so I choose for each participant the right one. We were looking for something hard, on the limit of our capabilities so we could push ourselves further. Finalizing and remembering the beta, visualizing it before the go and adding the battle scream on the hardest moves.

In the end, I think we had a great weekend when we all learned a lot of useful stuff that we can use in the future for achieving our goals. Here you can read what some of the participants thought of the training weekend in Osp:

I attended the training weekend in Osp, Slovenia and really liked it. We were in the bolder gym the first day and it was interesting too see how small differences can make a great impact on climbing performance or just finding a useful rest. The other two days we spent outdoors, using everything Klemen and Anja had to offer. They were very supporting and didn’t mind at all that I climbed top-rope. The atmosphere was super relaxed and friendly and I enjoyed our time together a lot. Klemen was happy to share a lot of useful information and answered everything we were interested in and Anja took some amazing photos. They also did a presentation one evening and it was packed with tips you can’t get anywhere else. I would definitely recommend training with Klemen and Anja to anyone who wishes to improve his either top-rope or lead climbing in a friendly and fun environment.


I had a great time with Klemen and Anja, they are both relaxed and down-to-earth so it was awesome to hang out with them over the weekend. I only climbed for about a year before going to this training weekend and as a begginer I really learned a lot. Klemen is super good at sharing his rich experience and conveying his vast knowledge in climbing to others. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to improve as a climber to take part.


I think that the training weekend was a great success, so I decided to repeat it next year. Here are the dates, so hurry up with booking since the number of climbers are limited ?:

  • 8.2.-10.2. 2019
  • 15.2.-17.2. 2019
  • (1.3.-3.3.2019)
  • 8.3.- 10.3.2019
  • 15.3.- 17.3.2019
  • 22.3. – 24.3. 2019

See you next year ?

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