As many of you know, I love bolting new projects. So I was very happy to get a call from my old climbing friend Gerhard Schaar from Austria.

One of Austria´s most established developers has done about 400 new lines, mainly in Maltatal and Tyrol, Croatia, and India. Recently he has launched his company and invited me to join his team.

Because his new company is all about bolting, that means Gerhard has built a unique one-stop-platform (so far in German language only) for bolters and climbing tourism projects.

He sells a great variety of bolts, bolt hangers, glue-in bolts, and climbing anchors in his bolting online shop. There is nothing a developer can not get there. Finally, there is an online shop where you can get everything you need as a developer with just a single order for great prices. Even if you do not speak German, the shop has a great design, and you can easily shop just by watching the pictures . Bolting. eu ships all over Europe, of course!

So I am really lucky to get sponsored by now. The company supplies me with all equipment I can not get from my other esteemed sponsors. For example, the extra-long anchor chains if the solid rock parts are a bit further apart. Bolts with 2 expansion rings or titanium glue-in bolts for my projects at the coast.

And all the really useful accessories such as chain links, injection mortar, rock hammers, and tool bags. As I said, this shop has it all! is also producing via ferrata anchors with its Italian partner Vertical Evolution. They put their immense know-how together to produce some of the finest rope-clamp anchors and via ferrata stemples and ferrata handrails.

In addition to the shop, Gerhard will offer bolting courses in the future. Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic hat put a hold on the first courses in Kalymnos and Leonidio in Greece. But we hope to be able to organize some climbing coaching together in 2021 in Croatia as well.

The courses are a part of the Academy. There Gerhard shares his vast knowledge in bolting workshops and presentations as well. Alpine organizations can book him for talks at yearly meetings, festivals, and their additional program during fairs.

What is great about the new platform is the bolting blog. There you can find many interesting articles about technical, chemical, and physical topics concerning bolting. For example, the easy-to-follow instructions “setting a glue-in bolt” or “setting an expansion bolt.”

And if you are also looking for the right climbing gear, the online climbing shop on the website has a great range of climbing hardware too. And since Gerhard is also a climbing guidebook author, you also get his Maltatal guidebook there.

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