My story sounds like this: I have endometriosis of the bowel and part of endometriosis and pressure on the ureter. When I got it, it's hard to say. But if I look back, probably since the beginning of my life or at least since I had my period. From the moment I had my first …

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Orange trees in Greece.


1. What it’s all about? The program focuses on the concept of self-healing in connection with climbing. It emphasizes that our body, soul, and mind are interconnected, and a healthy approach to our body impacts various aspects of our lives, including climbing. The program is designed for anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle in today's stressful …


Dolomites, Italy

Welcome to a holiday region with natural beauty and diversity. The Dolomites offer stunning views of the mountains and valley. This place attracts visitors with its beauty and sporting activities. The Dolomites are a mountain range or the Dolomite Alps in north-eastern Italy. The highest peak is the Marmolada, at 3,343 meters above sea level. …

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Island Hvar, Croatia

Welcome to the island of Hvar Hvar has beautiful cliffs along the beaches, with clear blue water and very good quality sea cliffs. The beauty of nature is one of the unique and unforgettable climbing holidays for every climber. We had not visited this magical island before for many years, but we were very impressed …

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San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

The largest Meditteranean island is Sicily which belongs to Italy. The region of Sicily is mainly mountains, characterized by Mount Etna. It's Europe's highest active volcano. Sicily with peaks that reach more than 2000 metres and green bushy vegetation attracts many active people around the world. Climbing is spread out across the northern and eastern …

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Belluno, Italy

It little climbing area with amazing rocks surrounded by Dolomiti Bellunesi. Belluno is located a good hour drive from the romantic port of Venice and only 60km from Cortina. The beauty of Belluno's rocks has such a great climbing in a small area with little hidden boulders in the woods. Climbing on solid limestone with …

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Climbing with family on island Sicily.

Course for beginners

Are you also afraid of heights? Don't worry; every human is, and we are aware of that. This fear keeps us alive when we don't use all that fancy safety gear, and anyways, we newer climb without it. It means fear is unnecessary anymore, so we will learn to overcome and control it to climb stress-free. Once …

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Personalized coaching

For who For all those who are somehow stuck on the same level and not progressing. For everyone who wants to improve climbing technique, learn something new, set higher goals and challenges, and improve their level of climbing psychologically. Climbing training is intended for all, beginners and those who have been climbing for 30 years …

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Climbing tufa course in Split.

Tufa climbing course

We introduce you to a basic technique for the first week and the second for advanced tufa climbing. You will learn and train in twisting the hips, knees, shoulders and head, feet and legs, and in short, to rotate the body to climb efficiently. You will learn where there are suitable places to do knees …

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