3-days training weekend Osp after COVID-19

3-Days Training sessions in climbing areas around Osp with FOCUS on ENDURANCE, TECHNIQUE and MENTAL PREPARATION to get back in the shape as we were before the lockdown.


When and Where?

29-31 May 2020

Osp, Mišja Peč and/or Črni Kal

Availability; only 4 climbers!


For who?

Climbing for young and adult with confidence leading 6a or more, for everyone who feels the need to get back in the shape after just laying around at home, eating chips and drinking Coca Cola. For those, who were working hard on hangboard and need to put all this new power in good use, to use it efficiently and to get back to your projects as soon as possible.



3 days programme  

Day 1
12:00 Meeting up in Osp. Go through the programme and start climbing easy routes. We'll activate all the body and re-learn how to use our feet while climbing. All weekend we will be working on getting the precious endurance back, getting those climbing kilometers and just CLIMB a lot.

Day 2

10.00 Focus on endurance, how to train it in an easy and a fun way. Learning tricks of ON SIGHT climbing, reading route, tactics, how, when and why to rest and so on. If anyone has a fear of falling, we will work on it as well.

Day 3

10.00 Climbing outside, RED-POINT. Choosing the right route, working on it and improving performance. Here we will add advanced climbing techniques that will help you send your hardest projects. We will practice resting on a route, commitment and working the route, breathing technique and power screaming.


What do you need to bring?

Harness, climbing shoes, helmet, chalk bag, and chalk ☺, belay device, sun crème,  warm and light clothes, approach shoes, your own food. You also need to have your own insurance, we recommend taking care of it already back at home.


The price includes:

Price includes climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment-ropes and quickdraws and good energy.


Not included in the price:

Your own transportation to the destination and in between the crags, accommodation, food, insurance and good weather. 

**If you need help organizing your trip, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help you out 

6a package

1 climbing day

price 80€

7a package

2 climbing days

price 140€

8a package

3 climbing days 

price 200€

Nika Kuplenk

They were very supportive and didn’t mind at all that I climbed top-rope. The atmosphere was super relaxed and friendly and I enjoyed our time together a lot. Klemen was happy to share a lot of useful information and answered everything we were interested in and Anja took some amazing photos.

Jan Golobič

I had a great time with Klemen and Anja, they are both relaxed and down-to-earth so it was awesome to hang out with them over the weekend. I only climbed for about a year before going to this training weekend and as a beginner, I really learned a lot. Klemen is super good at sharing his rich experience and conveying his vast knowledge in climbing to others. 

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