The coaching helped me to get to the next level. For the first time, I learned ˝go on˝no matter what, and accept to eventually fall. This way I could climb much harder than I ever thought I could. It's really one of the biggest influences in my climbing life so far. It's just so much fun to share outdoor life with Anja and Klemen.

Christine Grassman

Ingenious climbing coaching with Klemen Bečan and Anja Bečan on the Costa Blanca.
"Stefan is now doing a climbing course" quipped some of my friends before - and I can only say in retrospect: Yes, luckily!

My second coaching in more than 40 climbing years (the first one is a good 20 years back) was really an unforgettable experience. And some of the last climbing days are certainly among the "All-Time - Top 20".

In addition, a coach who manages to sweep you with his phenomenal skills, his enthusiasm
A great selection of areas, best weather, perfect rock, great lines, fine food and a perfect Grüppli with some of my favorite climbing partners - what more could you want ?? and incredibly sympathetic way and infect. Since you just do not feel like in a project on the personal performance limit "stupid" - and actually grows for a moment beyond itself! Goal achieved :-)
And his equally strong climbing partner Anja spices the whole thing with photos to dream if one of the winter's everyday life has long caught up.

Stefan Ringmann

Truly, Klemen and Anja’s enthusiastic, laidback yet motivating style helped us both improve vastly. Regardless of the type or style of climbing, we learned how to improve our footwork

Not to mention the mental aspect of it all, because as predominantly indoor toprope climbers, we still had to get used to climbing close to the max on lead and accept the potential falls. With Klemen’s motto ‘flying is fun’ and some dynamic belaying we improved quickly at falling, or at least accepting falling, and then focused on improving our climbing. All in all, this was definitely a great climbing trip with some very knowledgeable and super-psyched coaches that reminded us to belief in our possibilities, regardless of all the ideas you or others may have about yourself, and keep improving at the sport you love: No Excuse!

Rud van Spanje

I was somewhat intimidated and even felt a bit silly booking a world class coach and former world champ, given my modest climbing level. I was concerned that the coaching would be too intense, the climbing too hard. I was reassured by my initial contact with Klemen, he and Anja took a lot of time and care to learn about my needs and my objectives, and to find the perfect crags for us to train on. As expected, I was warmly received by the coaches at the campsite where we all stayed. We are and discussed crag options, spoilt in Briancon with 3 différent rock types so close by.

We had an easy start the first day. I didn’t especially want to lead, this is my problem. I do too much on top rope and lack the confidence and trust in my partners to lead climb until I fall.

But with gentle encouragement and 100% trust in my expert belayers I soon broke through the mental barrier. In the afternoon we went to a harder crag and continued the progression. I climbed 2 grades harder than I ever led before, till I fell - lots! It was great! I ended the day feeling liberated, relieved, and just really happy after such a fun day with these cool people!

A lot more technical coaching. Klemen’s superb eye had no trouble picking out numerous technical areas for me to work on. In fact I was surprised at how much he was able to offer. I’m lucky in that I climb regularly with a couple of very strong partners who help me with technique. But the advice from Klemen was next level. And to complement that I had coaching from Anja, who is very skilled in her work with the mental challenges presented by climbing. What a team!!

Overall it was just an awesome experience. My only complaint is that I couldn’t stay longer.. I was sad to leave and can’t wait to climb with these two again.

Amy Soska

I attended the training weekend in Osp, Slovenia and really liked it. We were in the boulder gym the first day and it was interesting to see how small differences can make a great impact on climbing performance or just finding a useful rest. The other two days we spent outdoors, using everything Klemen and Anja had to offer. They were very supportive and didn’t mind at all that I climbed top-rope. The atmosphere was super relaxed and friendly and I enjoyed our time together a lot. Klemen was happy to share a lot of useful information and answered everything we were interested in and Anja took some amazing photos. They also did a presentation one evening and it was packed with tips you can’t get anywhere else. I would definitely recommend training with Klemen and Anja to anyone who wishes to improve his either top-rope or lead climbing in a friendly and fun environment.​

Nika Kuplenk

I had a great time with Klemen and Anja, they are both relaxed and down-to-earth so it was awesome to hang out with them over the weekend. I only climbed for about a year before going to this training weekend and as a beginner, I really learned a lot. Klemen is super good at sharing his rich experience and conveying his vast knowledge in climbing to others. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to improve as a climber to take part.

Jan Golobič

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