Climbing photography

Photos are the part of our lives these days that accompanies us every step on the way.

A photo shooting in a boulder and climber in Albarracin.
Klemen is climbing on a boulder in Albarracin in Spain.

On a climbing holiday, you like to take photos of walls, glimpses, nature, and want to have the most beautiful memories. Whenever you go on a climbing trip alone, you take photos of everything you see for the first time and everything beautiful. Still, you prefer to take photos in the route of yourself and your partner climbing. Then you are alone, and you have no one to take pictures of you. Usually, such photos are taken from the bottom up with the phone, so basically, photos of your ass in the wall and don't look good. You really won't post a photo like this for a profile picture or hang it on a wall at home or in the office. However, suppose you want to have pro-photos in the route you are climbing, where you are having a good time. In that case, we are at your specialized to offer you professional climbing photography. You will be happy to show such photos to friends and relatives, hang them on the wall, and share them on social media.

Climbing photography is performed as part of climbing courses, as well as individuals without attending the course. The price includes "ordinary" photography of every day climbing, socializing, and various snapshots along the way at all climbing courses. Professional photography from the top is included in the price only for a 7-day climbing coaching package.


1 day photo shooting in the route from above – 20 climbing photos high quality - 130€

2 days photo shooting in the route from above – 40 climbing photos high quality - 200€

3 days photo shooting in the route from above – 60 climbing photos high quality - 300€

Real Estate Photography

At our climbing destinations, we encounter not only climbing and climbing photography, but also photographing houses, apartments, and various holiday facilities. This time, we specialize in real estate rented out mostly to climbers in climbing destinations around the world. Thus, homeowners also needed a professionally beautiful photo for their business, so we developed a new branch of photography growing successfully.

accomodation to rent in leonidio,greece.
Photography of accomodations on climbing destinations.

The price is formed by the size of the house, apartment, number of rooms, and the complexity of the property's layout. Each property has its characteristics, so prices we forme by agreement.