Rock Climbing Coaching

Understand the art of climbing

We climb to get somewhere. Usually up the rock just to get to the anchor and then we go down and find ourselves a different route. Like this, we keep searching for more demanding and challenging lines so eventually we will come across something that might seem impossible.

So lesson nr.01: Everything is possible. A bit of training, mental preparation, focus, activating all the body muscles and brain you will be able to clip the chain and find yourself an even greater challenge. How fun is that?

1,2,3 day training session

Get stronger in body and mind

Sometimes in climbing, we get to a point where we get staked and can’t do the next move. And to get out of this we just need a small push, to point us the right direction and we will be able to progress. I can do that.

May it be helping you improve on advanced technique, get a bit more power or find some extra endurance in your mind. 2 different options or combination between those two exist. Climbing coaching in gym, Rock or both of them. All depends on your needs.

Gym Climbing Coaching

Improve your weakness

The climbing gym is a perfect place to learn some advanced techniques where you can train them in a controlled environment.

Problems can be set specifically to your needs and learning can be made fun.