Exporing Spain


From February to May 2020

1 week 950€

1 week + photo lessons 1.200€

2 weeks 1.500€

The best thing about climbing is traveling and exploring new places, finding new crags and climbing 1st clas routs with a nice view far away from all the crowds where you have to wait in line for a slippery supposed to be a good line. 

Spain has many hidden climbing areas that most of the normal climbers don't even know they exist. No, they are not unknown because the quality is bad but most of the humans are lazy and not motivated enough to do a bit of searching. This is where our "Spirit of adventure" kicks in, we open books, apps, google, phone contacts and find the best spots for climbing. More often than not we find climbing areas where we like to come back again and again.

In Exploring Spain climbing holidays we will take you to some of these places so you see how it works. We might also go to explore something new or maybe even bolt a new line to climb it after. Exploring climbing holidays are completely tailored to your needs and wishes and together we create a perfect program that suits you.



Winter is best for visiting Andalucia with popular places like Choro, Archidona or Villanueva de Rosario (+ many others). When it gets warmer we will slowly start moving north to Cuenca, Montanejos, Alparacin, La Pedrica, Riglos, Rodellar, etc... Trust us your wishes and I'll let you know on which airport is the best to fly. We'll meet you there and let the adventure begin 💪.

What do you need to bring?

Yourselves, personal climbing equipment (harness, climbing shoes, helmet), sun crème, tent and sleeping bag, sleeping matters (depends on the type of accommodation), warm and light clothes, approach shoes. You need also to have your own insurance, we recommend to do it before at home.

What price includes?

The price included climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment-ropes, quickdraws, and crashpads but feel free to bring your own.

Not at the price:

Transport to the nearest airport, food, and insurance. Accommodation is not included in the price. Let us know if you need help with finding it, we can help you get some good deals. We share the transport between climbing areas, sometimes in our van or we rent a car. It all depends on the location of the holidays.

Pictures from previous trips