3-day training weekend Osp in Spain 

3-Day Training sessions in a climbing areas around Spain with FOCUS on TECHNIQUE and MENTAL PREPARATION for sending YOUR projects.


When and Where?

From February till May 2020

Locations: Valencia, Granada, Jaen, Malaga, Sevilla, Madrid, Reus, Barcelona. 

Availability; minimum 4 climbers, maximum 8


For who?

Climbing for young and adult with confidence leading 6a or more, for everyone who wants to climb a lot and push themselves to a higher level. Get more confidence and improve their climbing, for those who want to enjoy in beautiful nature and get some new experiences from the best coaches.



The climbing program is assembled 3-days of climbing for the basic program, but you can choose from different programs and combine them together. Search more down the page, from different packages from 6a - 8a packages.

Day 1
15:00 Presentation theoretical part with a slideshow of climbing, focus on on-sight attempts and redpoint and mental preparation Climbing in bouldering and/or lead gym. Go through the program and then climbing in a bouldering gym. Learning NEW and IMPROVING old TECHNIQUES, finding weaknesses and starting working on fixing it.

Day 2

10.00 Climbing outside in rock. Getting ready for the ON-SIGHT attempt, we learn HOW to read the route, make a plan of action and executing it. Learning of reading route fast while we climb and how to efficiently change a plan if necessary. We will practice resting positions, commitment and reading the route, and learning understanding falling and falling technique, and falling practice if your issue is fear of falling.

Day 3

10.00 Climbing outside, RED-POINT. Choosing the right route, working on it and improving performance. Here we will add advanced climbing techniques that will help you send your hardest projects. We will practice resting on a route, commitment and working the route, breathing technique and power screaming.


What do you need to bring?

Harness, climbing shoes, helmet, chalk bag, and chalk ☺, belay device, sun crème,  warm and light clothes, approach shoes, your own food. You need also to have your own insurance, we recommend to do it before at home.


The price includes:

Price includes climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment-ropes and quickdraws, good energy.


Not included in the price:

Your own transport to the destination and between crags, food, and insurance. Accommodation is not included in the price.


6a package

1 climbing day

price 80€

  • Climbing technique in gym 3 hours OR climbing outside from 10-17

  • mental preparation

  • on sight climbing approach technique

  • the theoretical part of on sight and red-point climbing

  • presentation with slideshow

7a package

2 day

price 140€

  • Climbing technique in gym 3 hours

  • Climbing outside from 10-17, 1 day

  • mental preparation

  • on sight climbing approach technique

  • redpoint approach technique

  • the theoretical part of on sight and red-point climbing

  • video presentation


8a package

3 days 

price 200€

  • Climbing technique in gym 3 hours

  • Climbing outside from 10-17, 2 days

  • mental preparation

  • on sight climbing approach technique

  • red-point approach technique

  • theoretical part of on sight and red point climbing

  • slideshow

  • entrance to the climbing gym


Nika Kuplenk

They were very supportive and didn’t mind at all that I climbed top-rope. The atmosphere was super relaxed and friendly and I enjoyed our time together a lot. Klemen was happy to share a lot of useful information and answered everything we were interested in and Anja took some amazing photos.

Jan Golobič

I had a great time with Klemen and Anja, they are both relaxed and down-to-earth so it was awesome to hang out with them over the weekend. I only climbed for about a year before going to this training weekend and as a beginner, I really learned a lot. Klemen is super good at sharing his rich experience and conveying his vast knowledge in climbing to others. 

100% guarantee for your satisfaction


If you are not satisfied with the program, I will return the money - no questions within 30 days. If we don't meet your expectations, just write to me personally, and 100% I will refund you money!





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