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Just across the border from Slovenia, half an hour drive from Osp is Istria. Istria is a big peninsula with lots of climbing to do. The first stop is Buzet. Here you will find areas like Kompanj, Pandora, Kamena vrata, HC, Kanjon Mirne, Aleluja cave, and many more. Limestone routes of all shapes and sizes and each sector offers a different experience. HC (Hard Core) has vertical short powerful hard routes. Pandora offers big overhangs filled with stalactites and blobs for 3D climbing, and if you are lucky, you will have also a waterfall coming out from the middle of the wall. There are some easier lines here, but to fully enjoy the place I recommend mastering at least 7c grade. Good for sightseeing though J. Kompanj is the biggest sector here and it will amaze every climber with the beauty of its routes. Mirna Canyon has 5 different sectors facing all the orientations. North facing Befana has long endurance problems, Pengari same, but on the sun in the afternoon, Đoser next to it offers some funny lines and south facing Zimski sector (winter sector) is obviously good only for cold winter days. There is not just Buzet in Istria. There are other places like Pazin in the center and seaside cliffs like Rovinj, Limski Kanal, Vinkuran, Pazin, Brseč which are definitely worth a visit.

Buzet is a town very famous for truffles and climbing. Buzetski canyon is spread to the different sectors by the river Mirna, which gives you a variety of climbing on the south and north face walls, which gives you climbing for all seasons. Climbing in the canyon is very nice on grey limestone with vertical routes and yellow overhang rock with really good routes, ranging from 5 - 8c.

Beside Buzetski canyon there is Kompanj crag in peaceful nature with lots of rock to climb with a wide variety of climbing from slabs, steep technical lines, and slightly overhanging routes, mostly technical. And then there is more: great atmosphere, tasty food, and nice people.


1 week in September, 2020


5 climbers (2 minimum)

For who?

Climbing for young and adult with confident leading 6a or more, for everyone who wants to climb a lot and push themselves to a higher level. Get more confidence and improve their climbing, for those who want to enjoy in beautiful nature and get some new experiences from the best coaches.

Courses are suited for beginners or advanced climbers. We will adopt the program according to the needs and wishes of participants


For more info, please contact us.

Included in the price:

In the price included climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment-ropes and quickdraws.

Not in the price:

Your own transport to the destination and between crags, food, and insurance. Accommodation is not included in the price.

What do you need to bring?

Harness, climbing shoes, helmet, chalk bag, and chalk ☺, belay device, sun crème, tent and sleeping bag, sleeping matters, warm and light clothes, approach shoes, your own food, stove if you have (not necessary) and silver wear, headlamp, and great mood. You need also to have your own insurance, we recommend to do it before at home.


Day 1: Getting Buzet, settled there and start enjoying your climbing holidays. We will explain the program and talk about needs and climbing wishes for the week.

Day 2: Climbing in sector Kamena Vrata. Having an easy start with lots of easy routes for warming up the body for a whole week. Discussing your goals for this week and the future.

Day 3: Climbing on vertical and overhang routes. Concentrating more on on-sight climbing technique and mental training – discuss how to approach for on sight, visualization, preparation, analysis, learning where to clip, breathing, reading the route, and learning understanding falling and falling technique. Sector Cave.

Day 4: Climbing in Buzet Canyon on overhang routes, learning overhang technique and more focus on redpoint climbing with mental training.

Day 5: Rest is part of training and to recover faster we can do some running and yoga session, maybe walk in the nature or simply do a relaxed day.

Day 6: Climbing amuerte, harder routes, working progress on projects and mental training-visualization, breathing technique and posture and learning relaxing on the wall. Climbing in Buzetski canyon.

Day 7: Climbing easier crags, more practicing foot technique. Climbing in Kompanj crag. Another great day for onsight attempts

Day 8: Climbing harder routes. Working progress and whole learning put together and practicing. Enjoying climbing and having fun as much as possible.

Day 9: End of your holidays with us and see you at the crag again.