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About Chulilla

Chulilla is one of the best climbing destinations in Spain for climbing in the winter. Situated only 50km from Valencia airport makes it easily accessible, lots of sun will take care of vitamin D and oranges on the trees will make sure you get enough of other vitamins too. Climbing is happening on vertical to slightly overhanging walls on both sides of the river so you can climb on the sun or in the shade. To push your grade here you will need lots of endurance and technique, but don't worry, that's what we will be working on ;).

More about Chulilla and Anjas first 7c you can read here


Availability: 5 climbers (2 minimum)


For who: Climbing for young and adult with confident leading from 6a, for everyone who wants to climb a lot and push themselves to a higher level. Get more confidence and improve their climbing, for those who want to have fun and learn something new from best coaches.


Provisional  program:


Day 1: Getting to Chulilla, settle there and start enjoying your climbing holidays.

Day 2: Having an easy start with lots of easy routes for warming up the body for a whole week. Discussing your goals for this week and the future.

Day 3: Climbing on vertical and overhang routes. Concentrating more on on-sight climbing technique and mental training – discuss how to approach for on sight, visualization, preparation, analyses, learning where to clip, resting exercise, learn commitment and reading the route, and learning understanding falling and falling technique, and falling practice. 

Day 4: Climbing on overhang routes, learning overhang technique and climbing on tufas, more focus on  ˝tufa climbing˝, kneebar and heel hook techniques

Day 5: Climbing A Muerte - harder routes, working progress on projects and mental training-visualization, breathing technique and posture and learning relaxing on the wall.

Day 6: Climbing easier crags, more practicing foot technique. One of the rest day training is ONE HAND climbing technique with BANANA and climbing WITHOUT HANDS, toprope of course. These skills are great to learn how to be efficient and improve your climbing technique for harder routes, and also having FUN as well.

Day 7: Climbing harder routes. Working progress and whole learning put together and practicing. Enjoying climbing and having fun as much as possible.

Day 8: Final day of climbing with us, putting into practice what you have learned and Sent the projects!!!

What do you need to bring?


What do you need to bring?

Harness, climbing and approach shoes, warm and light clothes, helmet, chalk bag and chalk ☺, belay device, sun crème, headlamp, and great mood. You need also to have your own insurance, we recommend to do it before at home


Included in the price:

World class climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment, ropes and quickdraws, accommodation and lots of fun


Not in the price:

Your own transport to Chulilla, food and insurance.


General Terms and Conditions


100% guarantee for your satisfaction


If you are not satisfied with the program, I will return the money - no questions within 30 days. If we don't meet your expectations, just write to me personally, and 100% I will refund you money!





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