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About Ceuse in South France

Only 1.5 hours away from Briançon there is a massive climbing cliff Ceüse. It lies just above the nice little town Gap. Ceüse is situated at an altitude 1750m with amazing landscape and nature. The wall belongs among the best crags in the world with superb routes on incredible pockety limestone, with super technical lines on steep and slightly overhang wall. Climbing in Ceüse is demanding and strenuous, both psychologically and physically, so it is necessary to be very well prepared. Be prepared for good climb between spaced bolts! ˝Thankfully almost all the routes have recently been superbly re-equipped, so this "psychological factor" adds to the fun and excitement and makes the routes even more memorable! ˝(cit.: planetmountain.com). Most of the routes are single pitch, between 30 and 50m long, range from 5a till 9a+, furthermore on the right of the wall there are multi-pitch routes too. Not only climbing is hard, but also every day walking on a steep path (1 hour) gets your body in total athlete condition, so Ceüse gives you unforgettable, exhausted, exciting and beautiful climbing holiday experience.


Availability: 3 climbers max.


For who:

From 6b up. Climbing for young and adults who really want to get exciting climbing and get their climbing and body in shape, improve their mental part and strength, their technical part and enjoying the climbing atmosphere and walking day by day and repeat the whole process again and again. Climbing camp in Ceüse is more intended for climbers who want to climb more and harder. There are easy routes but that we would organize a separate week for easier climbing.


Climbing program:


Day 1: Getting to the camping Les Guerins, which is under the crag. We can pick you up in city Gap-22min away from the campsite.  Settle in the campsite and start enjoying your climbing holidays. For camping is best that you bring your own tent and stove to cook whenever you like but usually we make a common dinner and having fun together.

Day 2: Climbing with an easy start with lots of easy routes to warm up the body for the whole week. Discussing your goals for this week and the future.

Day 3: Climbing harder routes, more on steep vertical lines to learn using better foot technique.

Day 4: Climbing overhang pockety wall, more focus on red-point climbing technique and power endurance climbing. Improving your climbing technique, learning to climb challenging routes, and improve commitment.

Day 5: Rest day with yoga session or stretching. Shopping day in Gap.

Day 6: Climbing A Muerte-harder routes, onsight attempts, working progress on projects and mental training-visualization, breathing technique, power scream and posture and learning relaxing on the wall.

Day 7: Climbing on sight on steep and easier routes, as many as possible.

Day 8: Working progress and whole learning put together to practice. Enjoying climbing and having fun as much as possible.

Day 9: End of your holidays with us and see you at the crag again.


What do you need to bring?

Harness, climbing shoes, helmet, chalk bag, and chalk ☺, belay device, sun crème, tent and sleeping bag, sleeping matters, warm and light clothes, approach shoes, your own food, stove if you have (not necessary) and silver wear, headlamp, and great mood. You need also to have your own insurance, we recommend to do it before at home.


What price included:

In the price is included climbing coaching and instruction, safety equipment-ropes and quickdraws. This time especially for you: Climbing and walking to Ceüse might be exhausting, so we decided that we will cook dinner together. We will adjust meals to your needs and with gluten-free and lactose-free, vegetarian or/and meat/fish meals.


Not at the price:

Your own transport to the destination to Gap, food (except dinner) and insurance. Driving between crags not needed, because you walk from camping. Accommodation is not included in the price.

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